Quito, Cotopaxi & Chugchilán

Who knew being back at school would be so fun? Or maybe that’s just me?

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Hola, de Sur America! Hemos estado aquí un mes y nos encanta!

We’re currently at Spanish school in Quito, Ecuador and we’re encouraged to speak Spanish All. The. Time. It’s very tiring but we love learning the language; it’s one of the reasons we wanted to travel to South America to begin with.

But fear not, our posts from now on will not be written in Spanish, we’re certainly not at that level yet and firstly, we have to update you on where we’ve been before arriving in Quito.

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Brett & Megan

We met this fun Canadian couple at Costeno beach, in Colombia. We instantly warmed to them as they’re so down-to-earth (like most Canadians!) and we chatted for hours about a lot of things other than traveling, which is actually nice to do sometimes. Continually repeating your travel plans – where you’re heading to next, how long you’re away for, etc. etc. – can get a little tedious.

Brett & Megan are super chill, friendly, play a mean game of ping pong and have great podcast suggestions! Thanks guys and hopefully we’ll see you in Toronto one of these days.


Northern California, U.S.A.

We crossed the state border into California on July 9. We imagined passing through a magic, invisible screen at this point and being instantly transported to a land of golden beaches, endless sunshine and temperatures ten degrees warmer; it’s called ‘The Golden State’ after all. We quickly noticed, however, that Northern California shares Oregon’s climate: warm but not swim-in-the-ocean-in-just-your-board-shorts warm and we had a few more miles of forest to go before we hit those Californian shores.

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