Without a doubt, Alison was a major highlight of our stay at Casa del Sol. You know what they say… the way to a man’s (and Caitlin’s) heart is through their stomach.

Flown in from Canada, like the VIP she is, her job was to feed us delicious and nutritious lunches every day. And they were just that.

I actually kept note of all her recipes they were that good and it was something different each meal! I looked forward to those lunches when I went to bed every night.

Alison is muy tranquilo, so she fitted right into the Ecuadorean lifestyle. When you think of a head chef I get images of Gordon Ramsey getting red in the face and yelling abuse at their sous chefs but she is exactly the opposite. She always goes out her way to help you, makes you sweet treats when you’ve got those mid-afternoon cravings and always has time to chat. Or, at least she makes you feel like you’re not getting in the way while she’s cooking for the 5000 and you’re splurging your life story. 

Best of all Alison kept Tim company while we were all in training. I think she saw more of him that month than I did!

Oh yes, she even made a giant Thanksgiving dinner for us all which was insanely tasty. She just never failed to impress.


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