Our Trip

Hunt for the Alien People

After months of talking travel plans with our friends and family the bags are packed and we’re finally off on the big adventure.

The destination is South America but our journey there is some months long and somewhat random. First up is Beijing for a week of eating endless dumplings, a trip to the Great Wall and a ride on one of those 9 million bicycles. Then it’s onto the UK for six weeks, followed by a Portuguese surf and yoga retreat and finally, flying over the Atlantic to Vancouver, where we’ll pause and plan our route South.

So, why did we decide to up and leave our cosy little life in Wellington? Since he was little, Tim has dreamt of traveling to South America to learn more about “the aliens that may have visited there in the past” and after a month in Brazil twelve years ago, I always knew I wanted to return to explore more. Matawhaia (ma-ta-fi-a) means to meet or discover by chance in Te Reo Maori and that is exactly what we aim to do; to discover new languages, food, music, people [aliens] and…el banos (I’ll let Tim blog this one!).

For us, the most exciting part is discovering and meeting new people. Each week, along with blogging a bit about where we are and what we’ve been up to, we want to snap our favourite person and write a little something of their life as a local, or perhaps a fellow traveler, so that at the end of the trip we will end up with 52 favourite faces.