Brett & Megan

We met this fun Canadian couple at Costeno beach, in Colombia. We instantly warmed to them as they’re so down-to-earth (like most Canadians!) and we chatted for hours about a lot of things other than traveling, which is actually nice to do sometimes. Continually repeating your travel plans – where you’re heading to next, how long you’re away for, etc. etc. – can get a little tedious.

Brett & Megan are super chill, friendly, play a mean game of ping pong and have great podcast suggestions! Thanks guys and hopefully we’ll see you in Toronto one of these days.



I heard an English accent at the hostel we stayed at just out of San Francisco, which sounded all too familiar, I had to ask: “Where are you from?”

We whittled it down from England to South of London, to Epsom to: “Do you know Kingswood?” It just happens to be across the road from where I grew up!  The world really is a small place.

It was lovely meeting Elliott, who is spending five weeks in the San Francisco area, before heading to New York, then home to the U.K. We chatted over dinner and breakfast at the hostel, sharing traveling tales. 

Elliott’s studying Geography at Southampton University and he confirmed that Jester’s nightclub is still going strong, thankfully.

He is so down-to-earth and mature, for 20 years old…it must be all the solo traveling he’s done already.

Elliott – good luck with the Kilimanjaro climb in September and hit us up if you make it to New Zealand one day.